Finding a job is stressful and time consuming but one does need to crack that perfect job that is both self satisfying as well as financially viable. Little things do make difference. Here’s a check list of few decisive factors that will aid you in finding a job faster –

  • Set your goal – Be certain about your job preference. Whether you are looking for a part time job or a full time one. Likewise choose such companies and post your resume.
  • Resume or cover letter – As it says first impression is the last impression. Most of the hiring managers who monitor the job resumes personally scrutinize the first paragraph to see to what extent you are willing to be involved with the company. Further, a resume should be edited enough to match the job criteria.
  • Focus on ideal job search – Millions of people are running every day for a perfect job opportunity. For instance, New York City. It isn’t difficult to crack down jobs in New York City where there are many advanced job search engines that assist you in finding a suitable job for you.
  • Be yourself – Yes, that’s the ultimate secret sauce. Fake smile, false and rehearsed answers, speaking not what you believe in but what your employer would like to hear etc. will only mislead the one hiring you.


  • Dress appropriately – Appearances do matter a lot these days to make a crucial first impression. In most NY jobs, what hiring managers mostly observe your body language and whether you are dressed for the sort of job and company you are applying. Your attire will speak for you.
  • Share your skills and experience – The easiest way to befriend with your employer is to communicate with him. Share how you managed difficult situations with your knowledge, skill and utmost diligence in your previous employments. The more you communicate the more easily the employer will tend towards you.
  • No bad words about previous employer – Never ever badmouth your previous boss. This is one of the common mistakes that many of the aspiring employees do. Your present hiring manager will probably think what you will tell about him when you leave this job.
  • Keep on applying – It’s definitely not a good idea to apply for a job and sit idle. One should keep on applying for every suitable job instead of waiting for reply from one. Surely the right offer will come your way.
  • Thank You Note – It is very generous to send warm thank you greetings to the hiring manger for considering you for the interview. It is very significant to report on a interview.

Many employment platforms like ‘Just Walk In’ are present these days to assist one in getting hired. The most competitive New York City jobs and San Francisco jobs are being posted here to suit one’s requirement. The job advertisements are updated in a regular manner so as to nullify outdated and sold out jobs.

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Skills to Groom before Job Interview – Just Walk In

The first question that comes to one’s mind before going for an interview is how to make the first impression correct. Surely there is a difference between going to an interview and going for an audition. Bookishly what comes to our mind is of –

  • Organizational skills
  • Motivation
  • Learning Ability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Judgment and so on.

Of course, these play a pivotal role in reflecting the employees’ attitude but besides these other factors also are also need to be kept in mind:-

  • Clothes – Whether you are applying for an oil giant of the Middle East or a New York jobs, you attire speaks out your personality. Well fitted, ironed clothes always make a proper impact on the employer.
  • Personal Hygiene – Oral hygiene is very important because obviously the hiring manager does not want bad smelling replies. Use a light tinted perfume rather than pouring the entire bottle over you. Nails should cut and filed properly.
  • Current AffairsOne should be updated about the current news and affairs both local and international. This would reflect your awareness and responses about the surroundings.
  • Communication skills – One should practice communicating regularly. Communication of thoughts, ideas, and expressions is very important to impress the interviewer.
  • Proper filing – Every document you are carrying should be sequentially organized in your file such that whenever the interviewer asks for any document you are able to give him readily. Unsystematic filing will only convey a bad message to the employer.
  • Punctuality – Arrive well before the scheduled time. If you have other engagements, try to re-schedule them. Most of the employers pay much heed to punctuality.


The virtual world has taken its stride nowadays that has paved the path for video or telephonic interviews. Large tech giants have clustered in San Francisco leading to larger tech jobs in San Francisco Bay Area. Most of such companies have a preference for interviews through video calls or telephone or Skype. One should be careful enough to attend such interviews in a calm and quiet place and without any background disturbances.

Thus, whether it is SF jobs or a typical Government job in India, grooming for an interview is a mind numbing task that requires right tactics and approach.

Nowadays, many job portals not only provide the platform for various kinds of jobs but also providing the necessary aid to job seekers. One such platform is ‘Just Walk In’. Set up in San Francisco, this online job gateway offers different job opportunities online and also through its mobile Apps.

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